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Intuitive Group Review Glassdoor Matt Sileno

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I have grown more, both personally and professionally, in 10 months at Intuitive Group than in the previous 12 years.

 Current Senior Corporate Trainer in Vienna, VA – Reviewed Jan 25, 2013 – New

Pros – I am able to utilize the skills I have learned in previous work experiences as well as in earning my Masters degree to help others achieve individual and team success. We have a lot of fun at work, and I enjoy spending time with my co-workers outside of the office. Most importantly, I am rewarded for my work and inspired to constantly achieve more.

Cons – I didn't enjoy learning about my weaknesses and working to improve them, and I work long hours right now so I don't have as much time with my family as I would prefer. At the same time, I understand this is the process that will get me where I want to be in the future.

Advice to Senior Management Matt Sileno is always open to ideas, and a higher level of follow through would be an encouragement to continue bringing new ideas to the table.


R&R | Eden Roc Renaissance | Miami Beach

Company President, Matt Sileno, will be taking the management and HR team down to South Beach Miami for some rest & relaxation to celebrate the hard work, commitment, and dedication to achieving their goals.  Will you be joining?

The Intuitive Group Review Student Mentality (And How To Maintain It)

Intuitive-Group-Review-Student-MentalityLeadership and learning are indispensable to each other” –JFK

“I am still learning” –Michelangelo

Learning is not attained by chance.  It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” –Abigail Adams (wife of President John Adams)

What quality do you think is most important to possess to become successful?

Of course the answer to this question is perspective; however from experience I can tell you that if you do not believe that a student mentality is important to succeed, you may never find success.

In order to keep moving forward you need to keep learning.  Contrary to what you may think even the top tier business professionals are still learning, and the top tier of these professionals will not allow themselves to stop learning until they stop doing their job!

When you hit a point where you think you know all you need to know you are in trouble! ESPECIALLY if you have not reached the level of success you are striving for.

There may be times you think there is nothing more to learn…well that is WRONG!  If you have adopted this way of thinking it is vital that you force yourself out of your comfort zone to grow and learn more about your craft.  No one wants to follow a “know it all” minded individual!

So, what do you do if this has occurred? You have to dig deep! Find ways to get better at the tasks you are already good at.  Seek out the knowledge from those that are at the position that you are growing towards.  A good rule of thumb is that unless you are able to write a best-selling book about what it is that you are doing, you have yet to learn everything there is to know about your position.

Chances are you may be feeling stuck or stagnant, but reality is you just allowed yourself to stop learning.  When you are not learning you are not growing!  When you are not growing, you are not adding value to your clients!

Student mentality is a choice; choose to perfect your craft!

If you feel as though you are not going anywhere or you have hit a wall and you are not sure what to do to reach your goals…never give up…become a phenomenal student!

Remember when you learn you earn!  Here are a few things you can do to continue learning and find your success:

Read a book

Attend seminars

Set up time with your mentors and ask them questions (they may be busy but they love it, it is never a burden for them to help their team grow)

Talk to your team and collaborate…maybe they see things you may not

Shadow someone for the day

Evaluate yourself

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Intuitive Group Review Top Business Websites (and other mediums)


With the Internet being such a big part of society’s everyday lives I want to provide a list of websites you may find useful and motivational personally and professionally:

1.    TechCrunch: How technology works in our everyday
lives and improves business ~

2.    How to Change the World: Guy Kawasaki’s blog
site ~

3.    On Start Ups: Advice and insight for
entrepreneurs ~

4.    Seth Godin’s Blog: Best-selling author reviews
business, respect, and the spreading of ideas –

5.    Mr. Self-Development: Will point you in the
direction of success while helping you grow personally and professionally ~

6.    The Motley Fool: Learn and manage your finances,
stocks, investments, etc. ~

7. collaboration of millions of
businesses and tips to better your business ~

8.    Business Owner’s Tool Kit: All the resources you
need when it comes to business, includes lists, how-to tutorials , and real
life case studies ~

9.    Entrepreneur: The website based off Entrepreneur
magazine, catch up on new ideas and trends in business ~

10 Kauffman
The Foundation of Entrepreneurship: Provides up to date information on
understanding and advancing the entrepreneur mind ~

Now if you are more of the hands on reader I have also included a couple of great magazines to follow-up on:

1.    Fast Company

2.    Fortune

3.    Entrepreneur

4.    Smart Money

5.    Inc. 

Of course I will not forget the people who would rather watch the movie instead of read the book, the following is a list of television shows that will bring insight to your business mind:

1.    Mad Men- AMC

2.    60 Minutes- CBS

3.    The Suze Orman Show- OWN

4.    Failure Club- Yahoo!Screen (online TV)

5.    CNBC Primetime (there are numerous shows and
specials that play on this channel regarding business and success)- CNBC

Matt Sileno’s Intuitive Winter Reading Book Group

Intuitive-Group-Review Matt-Sileno

Intuitive Group's Winter Reading

With the winter in full force and the weather getting colder, what better way to stay warm than relaxing in your favorite chair with a good book?!

The Intuitive Group President, Matt Sileno, has provided a few of his favorites that will help pass the cold weather and help you with your search for success.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

For over sixty years this book has helped some of the most successful people reach their potential.  This best seller will teach you fundamental techniques in handling people, tips to make people like you, and a number of ways to assist you in winning people over to your way of thinking.  “You can go after the job you want…and get it.  You can take the job you have…and improve it.  You can take any situation you’re in and make it work for you.”

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin

A story of personal achievement and the principles of learning and performance; The Art of Learning will help you learn to channel emotions into creative fuel.  Josh Waitzkin was a National Chess Champion by the age of 9 (Searching for Bobby Fischer was written based on his story) and later in life became the Tai Chi World Champion.  It is by no accident Waitzkin has become a champion on different playing fields.  In this page turning narrative you will find ways to embrace defeat and make mistakes work for you.  This is a book that will keep your attention from start to finish!

Play to Win by Larry Wilson and Hersch Wilson

Are you looking for ways to succeed in today’s unforgiving business environment? Then this is the book for you! Become more prepared so you are thriving on change instead of faltering.  The Wilson’s book will get you comfortable being uncomfortable and teach you ways to better manage your expectations.  You won’t be disappointed with the real life case studies and techniques that have been tested successful time and time again.  Take time to read this book and get the results you want by becoming more aware of how you’re thinking influences your life.

Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson

The Virgin Companies are the largest group of private companies in Europe.  In Business Stripped Bare, follow Branson through the start and growth of the billion dollar companies and learn what is necessary for success.  Find out the importance of a brand and why mistakes are more beneficial than they are detrimental.  If you are searching for ways to better your entrepreneurial mindset and build on your leadership skills, this should be a must read for you!

Wooden on Leadership by John Wooden and Steve Jamison

As one of the most respected and honored sports coaches in our nation’s history, any one of Wooden’s books are a great read for the business mind.  This book has been chosen due to its admirable lessons on teamwork, organization, and discipline. Filled with a combination of lessons, thoughts, ideas, and inspirations from Wooden’s personal notebooks he logged in daily. Learn to confront limitations and find success in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Hopefully you find these books as helpful and entertaining as we have here at The Intuitive Group! Let us know what you think after you have read them! Do you have any recommendations?


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug free workplace with Pre-Employment Screening.

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The Intuitive Group Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs shows off iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worl...

Image via Wikipedia

A Tribute to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was one of the most well-known and innovative leaders of our time.  In honor of Jobs and all of his amazing work, the following is a review of his leadership style and how it helped him (and can help you) become such an icon.
First and foremost, Steve Jobs would not have achieved the success he had without his charisma (which some say is a key aspect of leadership).  Jobs had the ability to captivate audiences while giving speeches.  He was very good at painting clear and descriptive pictures while enticing his employees and consumers.  As a leader it is important to be able to captivate your audiences; because most of the time the audiences you are speaking to are the people who are following you or you want to have following you. Some of his charisma is fueled by his knowledge and passion for his field of work.  Without passion or knowledge for your work you will find it hard to become a successful leader.  People are not going to follow someone who cannot provide answers or are not excited about the projects they are working on.    All of this inevitably created great enthusiasm throughout the company and can bring success and enthusiasm to any company.
Another factor that lead to Steve Job’s success as a leader was his overwhelming personalized motivation.  He was very much motivated by his own goals and visions and not by the goals of others.  To be a successful leader you must have your own goals to achieve. People want to see that you are capable of accomplishing your goals because they will then feel as though they will be able to accomplish theirs.  He would often motivate with force and storytelling (as explained previously, Jobs would often create imagines and feelings through the stories he would tell to excite his employees and consumers about new products).   Jobs wanted people to follow him, and he wanted success for the people on his team.  The following is a quote from Steve Jobs that sums up his leadership motivation:

“My job is not to be easy on people.  My job is to make them better.  My job is to pull things together from different parts of the company and clear the ways and get the resources for the key projects.  And to take these great people we have and to push them and make them even better, coming up with more aggressive visions of how it could be.”

Steve Jobs also had a very “entrepreneurial” mind set.  Even as a multibillionaire, his work ethic never changed.  It was said that Jobs brought an entrepreneur’s energy to every meeting, and never looked at anything as “beneath him”.  In my opinion, as a leader this is one of the most important traits successful leaders can possess.  As a leader you should never look at anything as though “that’s not my job”.  You will gain more respect and more followers if you are willing to do even the smallest, tidiest job.  Your team will do 80% of what you do, so you must always be giving 120% to have the success you are looking for.  It is no surprise that Jobs often took risks and embraced the opportunities that came his way.  One popular example of this is when Steve was forced to leave Apple, moving to Pixar and finding them great success, only to come back to Apple and turn them into the company that has revolutionized the entertainment industry.  As a leader you must not be afraid to take risks, for under those risks are unlimited opportunities.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.  Don’t be trapped by dogma-which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.  Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice; and the most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary.”

The above quote from Steve Jobs highlights the positivity he brought to his team.  As a transformational leader Jobs would often bring major and positive change with him wherever he would go (again his move to Pixar and back to Apple is a great example of this).  Successful leaders do not concentrate on the negatives, rather they bring positive energy into the room; they bring the change that is needed for a team of people to be successful.  Jobs knew he had to lead by example in order to achieve the goals he set.  You cannot expect people to do as you say and not as you do, unfortunately this only works in the shoes of parents.  If you want your team to be doing great things and thinking positively, you must be doing so yourself.
It was said that Steve Jobs was sometimes feared by his employees, but this must have been a fear in a positive aspect because at the end of his time with Apple he had a 90% approval rating by his employees.  Why would this be the case? Jobs was a great leader.  A person filled with enthusiasm for his work.  He had an air of assertiveness about him that made people trust him and want to follow him. Steve Jobs was truly a great innovator and leader, and we can all learn something from his legacy.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug free workplace with Pre-Employment Screening.
Better Business Bureau
Facts and quotes came from, an article by David Kramer based on definitions by Andrew DuBrin.

Are You Making This Type of Mistake? Little Known Secrets To Working Faster

Double-deck elevators at the C.D. Howe Buildin...

Image via Wikipedia

Who can spend your time but you?

I seem to be consumed by things I feel I don’t have much control over, and so I’m not able to do the important things I need – and want – to do.

Your time is your responsibility. If you aren’t able to do the important things, only you can solve that problem. Your team is depending on you to be there for them, and that includes solving your personal problems.

One of the major sources of stress, anxiety, and unhappiness comes from feeling like your life is out of control. You need to figure out ways to take control of your time so that you can take control of your life.

Of course, there are some things we cannot change about the way we spend our time. Can you guess? Yes, we have to wait in lines, at red lights, for elevators, and things like that. There’s not much we can do about those things. However there is a lot we can do about situations at work.

There’s a myth out there no one seems to recognize, and it’s this: No one can save time… we all have the same amount, and we can’t carry any time over to the next day.

I only know of two ways to spend time better. In managing your money, you either spend less or make more money. With time management, it’s do less or do things faster. Of course there are some things we could eliminate and just say no to. But for right now let’s just focus on how to do things faster.

As a business owner, I can make improvements in three areas: prioritizing/organizing, interruptions, and meetings.

Hold onto your seats because you’re in for a treat. Hopefully after reading this valuable insight you can start implementing them today!


Paper management – Keep the paper moving. Throw it away, act upon it, or put it in your reading pile. Shuffling and reshuffling paper from pile to pile with no evaluation or action is wasting your time.

Set aside uninterrupted planning time every day – It was difficult to discipline myself to do this but I found that spending twenty minutes planning would yield the same results as sixty minutes of uninterrupted time. Therefore, if you can’t set aside twenty, set aside ten. That’s still a great return on your time investment!

Clean your desk– I think you should always be able to see the majority of the top of your desk. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that a cluttered desk makes you look important. It actually makes you look disorganized and contributes to the shuffling and reshuffling game.

Control your email deliveries – You don’t go to your mailbox every 30 minutes, do you? Some of you are worse, you check it every 5 minutes! I personally receive a lot of emails every day – I could be at my computer responding all day just to email. Instead, I work my email deliveries into my personal schedule so that emails don’t control my day.

Do activities together – Do all your voicemails at once, return calls at one time, write memos or letter at one sitting…the goal is to eliminate as many transitions from one activity to another as possible.

Go to lunch at 11am or after 1pm – Why everyone decides to go to lunch at noon is a mystery to me. They wait at the elevator, wait in line at the deli, then wait again back at the elevator…and then complain about not having enough time for lunch!

Meetings – If everyone is prepared, on-time and focused – most meetings can be accomplished in half the time the meeting is currently taking. When it comes to meetings, always begin a meeting by covering the most important items first. And lastly, start and end your meetings on time. When people show up late, don’t recap what you’ve covered because when you do that you’re actually rewarding the tardy person and punishing the people who were on time.

Overall, you know that your time is your responsibility. Take control of it and then you can take control of your life. Look for small increments of time by prioritizing, limiting interruptions, and effectively managing meetings.

The average person wastes about 250 hours per year in unproductive meetings . That’s a lot of time and money being wasted!

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