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Sweet Success of Hershey


When someone mentions Hershey most people think chocolate or candy; a story of perseverance is not usually correlated with the largest confection company in the U.S.

milton_hershey_with_boy_intuitive_group_matt_silenoIn 1857 Milton S. Hershey was born in a small town in rural Pennsylvania.  With education not exactly the finest in those days, Hershey dropped out of school after the 4th grade taking an apprenticeship with a local printer.  He was fired before taking another apprentice position with a candy maker in Lancaster, PA.

After 4 years of studying under the candy maker in Pennsylvania, Milton Hershey went on to start his own candy businesses.  The first was opened in Philadelphia, after 6 years of hard work the business failed.  Hershey then decided to travel to Denver for work with a confectioner who taught him how to make caramels with fresh milk.  With a new sense of confidence, Hershey set out for New York to open a second candy business.  Unfortunately this one failed as well.  Unfazed by his failures and driven by his desire for success, Milton Hersey returned home to open the Lancaster Caramel Company (his third attempt at business).  This one was a success!

Always looking ahead, Hershey saw a bigger opportunity in the chocolate business and sold Lancaster Caramel Company in 1900 for $1 million (roughly $25 million in today’s money).  Not long after the Hershey Company was a blossoming success, selling chocolate to the masses.  Prior to Milton opening the Hershey Company, chocolate was a delicacy and only enjoyed by the rich.  It took Hershey many years before perfecting his chocolate recipe and cooking process (it was a process the Swiss kept secret, leaving Hershey to have to learn by trial and error).  The rest, as they say, is history.

hershey_kiss_street_lamps_intuitive_group_matt_silenoToday the Hershey Company has revenues more than $6 billion, 80 different brand names, and 14,000 employees throughout the world.  It is safe to say that although each of Hershey’s failures had to be difficult to overcome, his persistence and drive paid off with success that is set to continuously grow year after year.

Failures can be difficult and un-motivating, leaving us to give up and settle for something more comfortable.  Milton Hershey is a fantastic example of why we should not give up on our dreams and continue working toward our goals each and every day; because eventually you will find success in ways greater than you may have initially thought.


Some Great Pics of a GREAT Team at Intuitive Group!

We here at The Intuitive Group decided to get together and share with you our team, because frankly, we couldn’t be more proud to work with such an amazing group of people.
IG Funny Pic IG Serious Pic

Intuitive Group Promotes Ryan Garrido to Assistant Manager

What an exciting day here at The Intuitive Group!! Congratulations to Ryan Garrido for reaching his promotion to Assistant Management within the organization! We are extremely proud of what you have accomplished and we are excited for your continued growth and future success!!

Intuitive Group Assistant Manager

Intuitive Group Assistant Manager

Top Notch Performer at Intuitive Group Inc Receives Certificate of Achievement by Client

Intuitive Group Award

Congratulations to Fred for an outstanding job for our client! Your character is infectious and your performance is top notch! Everyone here at IG is proud of you! Keep up the great work!

Intuitive Group’s President, Matt Sileno, Celebrates His Birthday!

Friend, Mentor, Guide, Colleague, Manager, Boss, Motivator and Captain of the Ship ? These are the names we call you every day. But today, you are just the Birthday Guy. Happy Birthday Matt Sileno!

Wishing you all the best in Health, Wealth, and Success!

Happy Birthday Matt Sileno!

Happy Birthday Matt Sileno!

Matt Sileno – Intuitive Entrepreneur Mindset with a Heaping Dose of Confidence

Matt-Sileno-Ben-and-Jerrys-Entrepreneur-confidenceMost people who become successful and find a way to be their own boss often start out like any “average Joe” on the street.  They were not born into riches, they did not have a large amount of startup money, and their business was not just handed to them.  Most of these successful entrepreneur’s did not even go to school for business.  The difference between “Joe” and the successful people in this world is they have an entrepreneur mindset with just enough confidence to give themselves the push to get things started.

Today’s entrepreneurs are doing things we all can do: thinking outside the box, not taking “NO” for an answer, motivating themselves and not relying on others to do that for them, making plans and taking action, and most of all solving problems.  All of those things combined with the right amount of self-confidence have opened new doors for many people to find success.

The Intuitive Group encourages you to start thinking like an entrepreneur and find the confidence within yourself to become successful!

The following are three stories of people who had an idea and the confidence to start companies that are now worth millions of dollars. We here at IG hope their stories point you in the direction to find your success!!

1. Sara Blakely with “Spanx”:

For those of you who may not know of Spanx it is a footless undergarment for women (soon to be for men too) created by Sara Blakely.  Blakely’s success came from improving a product that was already in the market. At age 29, Sara had $5,000 in savings and an idea that has become a staple in many women’s wardrobes today.  Sara had the idea and money but she also had a debilitating fear of heights, flying, and stage fright; components that could inhibit any entrepreneur from being successful.  Blakely fought her fears, found her confidence, and did what was necessary to be where she is today.  At age 41 Sara Blakely is the youngest women to be on the Forbes Billionaire List.  Spanx is now a company with 125 employees, 200 products in 11,500 department stores being sold in 40 different countries with annual revenue of just around $250 million.

Check out Sara’s interview for Forbes Magazine:

2. Jera and Brad Deal with “Sticks and Stones”:

Sticks and Stones was an “accident” business created by Jera and Brad Deal. Always wanting to be business owners, the idea of this famous keepsake company came from a game the Deals would play with their daughters.  Often the family would go on walks or hikes and take pictures of letters that were formed in nature (an example is a maple leaf in the shape of a “W”). When one of their daughter’s teachers were getting married, Jera came up with an idea of putting the pictures together in a frame to create a word. At the bridal shower everyone was asking Jera for one of the unique pieces of artwork.  Finally the Deals had their business idea, and it cost them less than $100 to start.  In the beginning Jera and Brad had to put in a lot of hard work.  Sure they had a good number of local requests but they wanted more and the business website was not bringing in enough traffic for the Deals to support their family. The Deals began pursuing big name producers of well-known daytime television shows trying to get their product on national TV; they knew they had an idea worth something they just had to get the name out there. Soon enough Oprah, Rachel Ray, and other well know TV shows were talking about Sticks and Stones (Oprah even bough one as a wedding gift for the one and only Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes).  Today the company is making millions of dollars a year.  With a good idea, lots of hard work, and the confidence that they had a product people would want the Deals finally found their success story.

Watch what Jera and Brad have to say about their business:

3. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream:

Many of us are familiar with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and their crazy flavor concoctions.  What many may not know is the story behind the famous ice cream brand.  Ben and Jerry are childhood friends that after a few years of working in different career paths reunited to go into business together.  Initially they wanted to go into the bagel business; however, once realizing the large start-up costs decided they would try their hand at ice cream.  With $8,000 from savings and a $4,000 loan they bought an old gas station in Burlington, VT (because it was a college town with no ice cream shop) and took an ice cream making class (only $5).  Ben and Jerry’s had started.  When the two noticed business was doing well they began expanding and looking for bigger avenues for their company.  By 1981 Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream was being sold by the pint in grocery stores.  The rest as they say is history.  Ben and Jerry’s brings in $237 million dollars annually thanks to the ambition and big picture thinking of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.

See what tips Jerry has for entrepreneurs:

We all know that there are many other stories of individuals who have found success and we all know that there was no magic involved in getting them to become extremely successful.

All we have is our character, our work ethic, our will, and desire to make things happen.

It is time to get up and fight for the life that you want to live.

If becoming an entrepreneur is something that you have always wanted, seek out an opportunity that will teach you how!

The path to success is never easy, be ready to attack it head on!


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Matt Sileno Discusses Inuitive Limits.


“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” ~ Bruce Lee


We all have limits.

Some of them are out of our control; however, in business and in the world of success I want to talk to you about the limits in our control.  The limits we place on ourselves that can either put us in the direction of success or failure.

For the most part we know the limits we must reach to be considered productive.  It is those same limits that once we push past will place us closer to success.

The most successful people today got to where they are by working harder than anyone around them and pushing past their own limits.

The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the “buts” you use today. ~ Les Brown

If you need to sell 20 products everyday push yourself to sell 30, and once 30 becomes easy push yourself to sell 40…get the idea!

You are in control of your life and where you take it. If you are like me you want to find success sooner than later and the easiest thing you can do to start your journey to that place is push yourself.  Push yourself every day to pass limits you might not have thought possible! Before you know it you will be right where you want to be!

“Almost all of our limitations are self-imposed. Those that are not can be overcome by cooperation with others whose strengths complement our weakness.” ~ Bill Koch

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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug Free Workplace with Pre-Employment Screening

Better Business Bureau

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