Rejection. Scary or Just Harsh Reality?

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Matt Sileno takes the time to explain the benefits of rejection.

Rejection.  The art or process of rejecting, the state of being rejected, something that is rejected.  Ri-jek-shun. Rejection. Rejection. Rejection.

Now that it’s out there it does not seem so scary, right?

Well, It should not be!

You will face some form of rejection one way or another in your life. This unfortunately is the bitter reality, and is no stranger to those that are successful.

Particularly in business, dealing with rejection can be a daily norm. Clients shoot you down; customers will not like your product, some people will just say no just because they can.  All that negativity can really affect a person if they let it.  The secret- do not let it bother you.  Do not believe the negative they throw your way.  Do not let a couple hard no’s stop you from reaching your potential and your goals.  Know that you are no alone and there have been many millionaires and success stories that have come from a long history of rejection.  Case in point:

Stephen King’s first book Carrie was rejected 41 times (and thrown in the garbage once by himself) before it was published.  Today Stephen King has 159 successfully published books.

Thomas Edison failed 999 times trying to create the light bulb.  His response “each time it didn’t work I used to say I discovered a new way how NOT to invent the light bulb”.

The Beatles performed together as a band for 6 years and were rejected by 3 record labels, telling them “bands with guitars are on their way out” before they were signed.

Walt Disney was rejected 302 times, Colonel Sanders (KFC) was rejected 1009 times, and Stephen Spielberg was denied acceptance to the University of Southern California film school twice before deciding to attend Cal State and becoming the phenom he is today.

There are handfuls of stories like the ones above by the people we idolize. There is no reason a person cannot have the success they strive for.  The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is simple: it’s a mindset!  If you start letting rejection and negative thoughts into your head, success will seem unfathomable; but if you take the rejections and negativity and do away with it and believe in what you are doing and what you want in life nothing will stop you from succeeding! Simply put rejection should not make sense to you if you believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, work hard, and do all the right things you start opening the doors to your success day by day!



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