Are you SelfISH or SelfLESS? The Intuitive Group Responds.

“It’s hard to get people to overcome the thought that they have to take care of themselves first. It’s hard to get players to give in to the group and become selfless as opposed to selfish. “-Isaiah Thomas

“To me, teamwork is the beauty of our sport, where you have five acting as one. You become selfless.”   –Mike Krzyzewski

To become successful it is helpful to know what kind of leader you are, it is best to start with the question: “Are you a selfish leader or a selfless leader?”

In business it is important not to be selfish.  People are not attracted to the person who only worries about themselves and their needs to get to the top (and that person rarely makes it to the top anyway).

You have to remember everyone has goals and dreams they want to accomplish; people are not going to be intrigued to only work towards your goals . . . which inevitably leaves people unmotivated and resentful.

Also, ask yourself…would you want to work for someone who only cared about their success and did not care if you stayed in the same position or worse just as long as they were making it big? I can guarantee that you would not find that job enjoyable.  People want to trust that their leader/boss has their back and wants them to succeed as much as they want success for themselves.

Incorporating selfless acts into your business can help you in more ways than you may think.  For one you will create a positive team environment.  Your team will be naturally motivated to help you and others around them when they see that example directly from you!

Being a selfless leader also reflects in your customer base.  When you go to help a customer with true selflessness you will find it is much easier to close a sale. Often times we do not listen to a customers needs and wants because we are too busy thinking of what we are going to say next.  The selfless leader tailors solutions specifically for that customer and get’s the job done for them and NOT for their own pocket!

Remember whether it is the people on your team or the customers you work with…EVERYONE WANTS TO BE SUCCESSFUL!

Company President Matt Sileno suggests going about your day with the TRUE intent to simply help your team members and customers and you will quickly notice the positive growth surrounding your success.

Another take on selfishness and selflessness comes from a blogger The Intuitive Group follows, Seth Godin:

The sad irony of selfishness

More often than not, the selfish person is insecure, fearful and filled with doubt. The selfishness springs from his belief that this is his only good idea, his last dollar, his one and only chance to avoid failure. “I need this, not you,” he says, because he truly believes he’s got nothing else going on, no other chance, no hope.

The irony, of course, is that selflessness (not selfishness, its opposite) is precisely the posture that leads to more success. The person with the confidence to support others and to share is repaid by getting more in return than his selfish counterpart.

The connection economy multiplies the value of what is contributed to it. It’s based on abundance, not scarcity, and those that opt out, fall behind.

Sharing your money, your ideas, your insights, your confidence… all of these things return to you. Perhaps not in the way you expected, and certainly not with a guarantee, but again and again the miser falls behind.

(This is part of what Sasha’s experiment is about.)


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