Become Your Dream Self

Very eloquently written my friend. I enjoyed this article very much!

Daniel Bean Films

What is your ‘Dream Self?’ It’s a concept I came up with while writing a screenplay (which was about a novelist—go figure). However, I found that it applies BIG TIME to real life. (Don’t you love my advanced writer’s vocab? I thought so.)



Quite simply, your dream self is you long to be. More precisely it’s the REAL YOU, that longs to get out.

If someone could wave a magic wand and let you be whoever you wanted to be, this would be the person you would choose to be. Well guess what, you don’t need anyone to give you permission, and you definitely don’t need a magic wand, you just need to get off your lazy ass and start being who you dream of being.

‘Get off my lazy ass?’ You say? Yes, I just told you to get off your lazy ass. But it’s okay…

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