The Intuitive Group Review – Growing Up

Growing Up Is Uncomfortable

Intuitive-Group-Review Growing-Up
When you were born you took your first breath. That cool air filling your lungs was so uncomfortable that it caused you to cry. Now you take those breaths a thousand times every day without thinking. The coined term “a breath of fresh air” does not apply when we are first born.

Now you are in your high chair and you are learning how to eat by yourself, trying to uncomfortably hold your fork instead of using your hands so you can be the big kid “mommy” said you were. Something that we do every day without thinking as we grow older.

Your first steps were definitely uncomfortable. Learning how to walk was a huge obstacle for each of us. Through bumps and bruises we stuck it out and eventually learned how to navigate around the house on our own. Due to repetition and practice we do not think twice about getting up and walking somewhere.


Whatever your first words were, getting it out was as uncomfortable as it gets. For the longest time your crying and giggles got you what you wanted. It took time to learn your first words, but without getting that out of the way telephone conversations just would not be the same.

A memorable moment for every child is learning how to ride a bike. You have picked out the perfect bike and are about to take those first wobbly uncomfortable pedals just before you inevitably fall. But you are determined; you get back on and learn how to ride your bike. The next thing you know, you are riding your bike with no hands! Something you will never forget how to do.


At some point in your life you became involved in hobbies. Some went in the direction of sports while others went in the direction of the arts . . .some even did both. Regardless of your interests that first day of practice or first day of workshops were uncomfortable. The first time swinging a bat, dribbling a basketball, or the first stroke of the paintbrush . . . you did not know what the outcome was going to be. Over time you learned the right techniques and more than likely you became pretty good at them with discipline and practice.

Sixteen and able to drive?!? It is what every teenager cannot wait to do. As excited as you are the first time you get behind the wheel, you are nervous and uncomfortable. It is a whole new experience that year’s later it becomes second nature.
Now you are ready for your first date! You may think you are calm cool and collected but the 15 different outfit changes and talking to yourself in the mirror goes to show how uncomfortable that first date really is.


Dates can still be a little unnerving but over time they get easier and more exciting, especially when you meet the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Finally you have made it to the point in your life where you have a career. A position that utilizes the skills you have learned over time, a place where you can grow and retire from one day. Yes, just like everything else listed, at first getting this job was uncomfortable: the interview, the first day of training, the first day on your own…all uncomfortable! But now you have moved passed all that, it may be a few short weeks in or a couple long months/years in, but you are not where you wanted to be. You are not where you thought you were going to be. Your excitement has worn off and you do not know what to do. I’ll tell you!




You’re whole life you have been learning to do things that were always uncomfortable at first but they all brought you things you needed in life to grow and to be successful. It is no different in the work force. If you want to be the big CEO or owner of your own company you are going to have to get comfortable being uncomfortable! The most successful people got to where they are today because they challenged and pushed themselves to do the things no one else wanted to do.


Why? Because it was uncomfortable! You’re whole life you have been learning how to deal with being uncomfortable, so start using it to your advantage in the workplace! Whatever your position is, list the tasks that you know will get you to the next level and attack them! Some may take longer than others but history shows it will all be a success as long as you learn how to get comfortable being uncomfortable!


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