The Intuitive Group: Attributes of a Real Salesperson

Cold Calling skills are essential when your goal is to be a top sales person.

We live in a digital age where people consider themselves “salespeople” just because they studied business in college or responded to inbound leads provided by marketing. It is fair to say that technology has evolved the sales process and online marketing/social media gives a sales person a helping hand, yet at the end of the day a real sales person understands human behavior. They understand the way people want to be approached irrespective of the channel or method; whether it is via email, phone, social media etc.

For example, in the same way that we hate being called up by a telemarketer who is clearly reading a script, sounding phony and impersonal, we don’t like receiving mass email blasts, which are clearly marketing generated. These only work when your brand is recognized and trusted, NOT on a cold approach.

Real sales people can pick up the phone and generate their own leads. They understand how to create a prospecting or “approaching” strategy and the processes of executing against that strategy. They understand that some will take your call and some wont. Some will respond and others won’t. They are masters at crafting properly worded emails, with just enough messaging to intrigue the prospect to giving you a chance.

At the end of the day we are the same old human beings simply using new methods to communicate. If anything technology provides more transparency than ever before.


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About The Intuitive Group, Inc.

The Intuitive Group, Inc. is a privately owned company that performs sales, client acquisitions, and retention for Fortune 100 companies. We perform face-to-face sales and customer service with the small to mid-sized customers of our Fortune 100 clients; a proven method for winning new customers. Direct mail, telemarketing, and media advertising fail while our approach to sales achieves a success rate unheard of in other marketing strategies.

2 responses to “The Intuitive Group: Attributes of a Real Salesperson”

  1. Shawn White says :


    This is dead on. As a professional sales person, emphasis on professional I can relate to this blog.

    I typically break sales people into a couple of different groups. 1 is the Eagles or that 10 – 20% of sales people that are just gifted & naturally talented at sales.

    All organizations go out of there way to identify and hold on to these people.

    The other 80 – 90% are what I refer to as Journey People those who make a decent living but are always jumping from one opportunity to the next.

    Some of these people will develop the hunger and skills needed to become an Eagle but the majority will pillage along never becoming he success that they could be both personally and professionally.

    I am a huge believe in the Solution Sales process and in being methodical in my sales tactics. I believe you have to know were you are going to get there.

    These are all valuable points for any Sales person new or old.

  2. Lilia says :

    Great information. Lucky me I came across your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have book marked it for later!

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