The Intuitive Group: The Key Ingredient in a Leader’s Life

The ability of a leader to face challenges is a key ingredient in a leader’s life.

Leaders love a challenge. Leaders thrive on can I do this, can I bring people with me on this journey, whereas followers say to themselves how do I do this, I don’t think I can do this.

Every day you are challenged because you are dealing with people.

As leaders it’s imperative to develop the ability to embrace challenges and allow people to see that challenges are conquerable.

Step up your game.

To illustrate, let’s take two men of the same age, same height and weight, same background, education, and work experience. Person A is making $50,000 a year and person B makes $500,000. Why is one making a significant amount of more money? What makes the difference?

The difference between winning and losing is so small, it’s almost too scary to talk about. You can do 99% of the things right in business and yet if you don’t possess the winning edge you won’t have any idea what it really takes to make it out in the real world.  The most important thing to win in business in the United States of America today is a very unique kind of mental toughness.  The one making $500,000 a year thinks a little harder, works a little longer, and has the mental toughness to stay excited…It’s easy to stay excited for days, weeks, and months… But can you stay excited for years? 5 years? 15 years? 30 years?

Nothing satisfies a leader more than fulfilling and conquering a challenge when others perhaps would stop and not go for.

There are three kinds of people in the world:

1) People who make things happen

2) People who watch things happen

3) People who wondered what happened

Which one are you?

About Matt Sileno: Matt Sileno, the President/Founder of The Intuitive Group, Inc. is no stranger to hard work and overcoming adversity. He has taken his small Sales and Marketing Firmto new heights working directly with Fortune 100companies across the U.S. Follow Matt Sileno on Twitter and Facebook!

About The Intuitive Group, Inc.

The Intuitive Group, Inc. is headed by CEO & Founder Matt Sileno and headquartered in Vienna, Virginia.   The company specializes in direct marketingby bringing products and services directly to consumers. The company works with team members from day one to train them for the job and for the rest of their lives. The skills gained help team members excel in the company and in life.  The Intuitive Group, Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), adhering to BBB Code of Business Practices dedicated to sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business.  For more information about The Intuitive Group, Inc. please visit


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About The Intuitive Group, Inc.

The Intuitive Group, Inc. is a privately owned company that performs sales, client acquisitions, and retention for Fortune 100 companies. We perform face-to-face sales and customer service with the small to mid-sized customers of our Fortune 100 clients; a proven method for winning new customers. Direct mail, telemarketing, and media advertising fail while our approach to sales achieves a success rate unheard of in other marketing strategies.

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