How To Increase Your Sales Success

The key to sales is in the follow up! How many times do I remind you about my events, products or services I am offering? I honestly don’t do it to get on your nerves, I do it because it’s a proven fact that most sales happen in the FOLLOW UP.  This is a critical fact that many entrepreneurs just don’t get.

You can’t market to a person one time and expect them to respond right away.  You know that little thing called “Life?”  Well life gets in the way for everyone.  We have intentions on doing things and taking action but we are easily sidetracked…by the phone, by the kids, by EVERYTHING.

And so in your business, when you are promoting something, you had better be able to design a follow up campaign or strategy for reminding people about what you are doing. When a person doesn’t respond right away, it’s not because they aren’t interested, it’s just because they forgot!

One shot marketing does not work. If you are afraid of annoying someone by communicating with them more than once, then you are in the wrong business! A person who feels you provide value will stay with you forever. A person who is not interested in what you are doing, saying or offering will opt out of your list.  Don’t take it personal, they just weren’t your target market anyway and were NEVER going to invest with you. And we only want to direct our messages to people who represent our target market.

So if you are one of the people who is scared to annoy someone, then today I am giving you permission to start multiple communications and stop worrying about it.  They either want you and your stuff, or they don’t. Period!

About Matt Sileno: Matt Sileno, the President/Founder of The Intuitive Group, Inc. is no stranger to hard work and overcoming adversity. He has taken his small Sales and Marketing Firm to new heights working directly with Fortune 100 companies across the U.S. Follow Matt Sileno on Twitter and Facebook!


About The Intuitive Group, Inc.

The Intuitive Group, Inc. is headed by CEO & Founder Matt Sileno and headquartered in Vienna, Virginia.   The company specializes in direct marketing by bringing products and services directly to consumers. The company works with team members from day one to train them for the job and for the rest of their lives. The skills gained help team members excel in the company and in life.  The Intuitive Group, Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), adhering to BBB Code of Business Practices dedicated to sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business.  For more information about The Intuitive Group, Inc. please visit


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About The Intuitive Group, Inc.

The Intuitive Group, Inc. is a privately owned company that performs sales, client acquisitions, and retention for Fortune 100 companies. We perform face-to-face sales and customer service with the small to mid-sized customers of our Fortune 100 clients; a proven method for winning new customers. Direct mail, telemarketing, and media advertising fail while our approach to sales achieves a success rate unheard of in other marketing strategies.

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