Success Demands Inconvenience!

Let’s face it, we are all busy doing what we do, running around trying to make a bunch of things happen at one time without losing our sanity. But if you are not willing to do what it takes to go and get the knowledge you need, then you can’t complain about where you are stuck or falling short, because that is the decision that YOU made.

Most of us need to get to a point where we can stop working IN our business and instead work ON our business to make it grow and expand. And part of that is getting the education to make that happen by any means necessary…even if it isn’t always convenient.

It’s funny how we can make time for the things we want like vacations and fun, but we always make excuses when we need to carve out time to get serious about our business.

So next time you make excuses about why you can’t carve out the time to educate yourself, think about how easily you were able to do it when you wanted to go on vacation.

In 2010, more than a few aspiring entrepreneurs successfully launched their businesses, allowing them to quit day jobs to pursue their dream career.

Kinda makes you say hmmmmm, right?

“When I first started in sales, I was an eager beaver. No lead went untouched or uncalled — I treated every opportunity as the sure fire next sale. That’s ignorant enthusiasm.”

Common Sales Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Everyone makes mistakes, but missteps in the selling process can have especially serious consequences. Not only do they deprive your business of revenue, but they can erode confidence among members of your staff as well as potential customers. The following mistakes are particularly common among start-ups, but even the most seasoned entrepreneurs can fall victim to them. Here’s how to identify and avoid them. Read more.

About Matt Sileno: Matt Sileno, the President/Founder of The Intuitive Group, Inc. is no stranger to hard work and overcoming adversity. He has taken his small Sales and Marketing Firm to new heights working directly with Fortune 100 companies across the U.S.


About The Intuitive Group, Inc.

The Intuitive Group, Inc. is headed by Matt Sileno and headquartered in Vienna, Virginia.   The company specializes in direct marketing by bringing products and services directly to consumers. The company works with team members from day one to train them for the job and for the rest of their lives. The skills gained help team members excel in the company and in life.  The Intuitive Group, Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), adhering to BBB Code of Business Practices dedicated to sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business.  For more information about The Intuitive Group, Inc. please visit


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About The Intuitive Group, Inc.

The Intuitive Group, Inc. is a privately owned company that performs sales, client acquisitions, and retention for Fortune 100 companies. We perform face-to-face sales and customer service with the small to mid-sized customers of our Fortune 100 clients; a proven method for winning new customers. Direct mail, telemarketing, and media advertising fail while our approach to sales achieves a success rate unheard of in other marketing strategies.

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