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Teams can be very effective in producing innovative solutions in the workplace.

In jobs throughout every industry, employers always emphasize the need for “good team players.” Teams can generate enthusiasm and increase communication between workers from different departments. “Teamwork” should be the mantra of every organization. Yet, we all know that creating a team can be a bit like creating a monster.

People working together can harness the talents and strengths of individuals to create quality results, yet they can also choose to spread negativity and destroy communication as well as enthusiasm in the workplace.

Here are a dozen ways to show your team members you care about them-

  • Involve people in major decisions. Listen to them – they often have the best ideas anyway.
  • Memorize facts about the team members and their families. People enjoy sharing what’s happening in their families.
  • Make coffee for your team. Making coffee is a pretty simple act that people appreciate – it’s easy too!
  • Send thank you notes to team members at home. People normally get bills and junk mail at home. A positive note of recognition goes a long way.
  • Send a holiday card. You success is dependent on them – who else at work would you be more thankful for?
  • Ask your superstars – if they’re interested – to become mentors for middle stars or falling stars. This is a win/win situation for everyone.
  • Keep a camera close by to record significant events.
  • Plant a tree on company property in honor of your team.
  • Create a library of books, tapes, and magazines, and keep it current and well stocked so team members can get inspired and motivated.
  • Create a ‘wall of fame’ with pictures of your team members and their families.
  • Follow the platinum rule: Treat people the way they wish to be treated.
  • Spend time with all your team members. Sometimes simply being around and showing that you care about them will automatically grow the relationship.

Know the main things-

If you give feedback on performance, provide recognition for doing a good job, and communicate the team score…then your team members will be asking you what they can do to help your business. That’s the way it works. The more people you help, the more you will successful!

About Matt Sileno: Matt Sileno, the President and Founder of The Intuitive Group, Inc. is no stranger to hard work and overcoming adversity. He has taken his small Sales and Marketing Firm to new heights working directly with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies across the U.S.

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About The Intuitive Group, Inc.

The Intuitive Group, Inc. is a privately owned company that performs sales, client acquisitions, and retention for Fortune 100 companies. We perform face-to-face sales and customer service with the small to mid-sized customers of our Fortune 100 clients; a proven method for winning new customers. Direct mail, telemarketing, and media advertising fail while our approach to sales achieves a success rate unheard of in other marketing strategies.

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