Business sense: The More You Learn, The More You Earn

Have you seen the movie Ground Hog Day – the one where Bill Murray lives the same day over and over again?

That is the way many people live their lives. They wake up and do the same things over and over and over – because that’s where they are comfortable – until it’s time to retire.

But to you, my valuable readers and Intuitive Group associates, you have too much potential to be living Ground Hog Day over and over.

A forceful enemy to your potential is your comfort zone. For you to be the very best, you cannot allow yourself to become complacent in your comfort zone. You need to be reaching for improvement. To fulfill your potential, you need to move out of your comfort zone and into ‘the learning zone.’ Like I always say, become a student of the business.

Let me explain. There are three rooms in the learning zone.

The first room is the reading room. I’ve collected hundreds of books. More than half of those books are about management and leadership.

Executives call me to help them solve business problems. I’ve never ‘made up’ a solution. None of their problems are unique. The value I offer is the wisdom of all the people who have entered my life and have written these books. You learn more by reading more. I’m living proof that the more you learn, the more you earn.

Did you know that most people do not read one non-fiction book in a year? Not one. You would think books must be scarce or expensive. But there is an abundance of books at public libraries, waiting for people to simply walk in and check them out – at no charge – free!

Now let’s suppose you decided to read one book a month on management and leadership. Most books are between twelve to twenty chapters so you would be reading about half a chapter a day, which would take you about ten minutes. During the next year, you would have read twelve books. Do you think you would know MORE about management and leadership if you read twelve books a year on the subject? When the next job opening at a higher position in the company comes up, would you be better prepared to assume that role?

Of course!

So, the question is NOT do you have the time or money. The question is do you have the DISCIPLINE to set aside time every day to read. In your case, you probably won’t retire for at least fifteen to thirty years. In at least fifteen years, you could read one hundred and eighty books just by reading half a chapter a day. Make it a priority to read, and your knowledge will likely make you the obvious choice for the next promotion!

The second room is the listening room. Did you know that the principal reasons executives fail are arrogance, out-of-control egos, and insensitivity.

They forget to listen to their people. Soon they become insensitive to the needs and desires of the individuals on the team. Arrogance, out-of-control egos, and the insensitivity are part of the management trap. Don’t allow yourself to fall into that trap – listen to your people!

Second, you can also learn to listen by making better use of your time while you’re in your car. The average person spends 500 hours per year in their car. That’s a lot of time! Maybe if you spent some of that time listening to motivational or inspirational audiotape, it would have a greater influence on you than listening to talk radio or music. It’s just a thought…

The third room in the learning zone is the giving room. I strongly feel you cannot succeed without giving back. Your legacy will be what you leave others. Share and teach others what you learn because the more you teach the more accountable you become to what you are teaching. Teaching is good for you!

My final thought for you is this: Stay positive! Of course you will become discouraged again somewhere along the way. Just don’t give up.  

About Matt Sileno: Matt Sileno, the President and Founder of The Intuitive Group, Inc. is no stranger to hard work and overcoming adversity. He has taken his small Sales and Marketing Firm to new heights working directly with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies across the U.S.

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