Perfecting Your Presentation Can Make You A Sales Star

Selling is a serious business, to you, your company, and the entire US. But that doesn’t mean you should take it too seriously. I’ve always believed in hard work, and I’ve put in my time. But I think what has kept me sane all these years is that I always try to see the humor in a situation. There is no doubt in my mind that if you can lighten up and learn to laugh in spite of your misadventures and disappointments, you’ll sell more, earn more, and live longer.

There are a lot of stand up comedians in business.You can tell they all work hard at getting people to laugh, memorizing stories, spending long hours searching for the right timing, the exact words, and the precise tone that will make them funny. The best ones practice every detail, down to the smallest gesture and facial expression. Even with all that work though, sometimes even the pros fall flat. They have to keep at it until they get it right, and so do you!

Sales presentations have a lot in common with a comedian’s performance. Especially stage performances on television where actors have many repeat performances and are given time to perfect their scenes.

Your sales presentation is a performance too, so your performance had better be polished to perfection!

I’m stunned at how many salespeople just wing it. For every salesperson who rehearses, I bet there are ten who walk out onto a highly competitive sales stage unprepared. If you’re one of these types, your casual attitude is costing you money. It’s time to get serious about your work.

Perfecting your presentation is probably the most important work you can do now to advance your sales career. Without thinking you have to be able to adapt your presentation to the buyer and the circumstances under which you are selling. When you sell the same thing over and over, there’s a danger of going stale or losing your enthusiasm, because after a while it could get boring saying the same things again and again.

To keep your presentation sounding fresh, change it every once in a while and don’t be afraid to ad-lib. In sales there will be those who are overnight sensations, but most of us work long and hard for years.

Overall, you must learn the tricks of the trade and bring it altogether. If you follow hese basic selling strategies and apply them you are going to be a big, big star.

It is awesome to have a chance to share my views with all the wonderful people who are seeking to make their careers and lives a big time success!

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