What’s the first image you see when you…

What’s the first image you see when you turn on your computer? Maybe it’s a family portrait or a special vacation picture, or perhaps a nice sports car or your favorite pro athlete 🙂

Whether it’s taped to the dashboard of your car or a picture on your computer or cellphone, choose a tangibe way to provide a constant reminder of what motivates you. Have goals in place. Without goals, there’s no plan. Without a plan, we’re lost!

After dinner one night, a tiny brown sparrow flew inside my house through the front door. A chase ensued. Each time I got near to it, the little intruder fluttered away in a desperate search for an exit. Before I could escort it safely outside, the bird toured the house so frantically that I could see its chest throbbing from its rapid heartbeat.

Sometimes we’re like that little bird- anxious, frazzled, and afraid of what might happen next. 

All it takes is some constant course correction and reminding ourselves of our goals.

 Have you ever wondered how an airplane pilot knows how to get from point A to point B? The pilot sets the course of the aircraft on his dial. If the aircraft drifts from that set course, the instrument shows the pilot that the plane is deviating so he can correct it to align the aircraft to the set course again.

When I’m doing something, I break it down to the basics. Is what I’m doing taking me closer to, or farther away from my goals?

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One response to “What’s the first image you see when you…”

  1. Dave says :

    I am a first time reader I really enjoyed it,I would really like to continue to hear more about personal development. Thanks,

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