Winners find ways to win

IT is pretty exciting for folks in Washington D.C. because the Washington Wizards won the 2010 NBA Draft and welcomed John Wall to the team!  As people watched this in excitement and wait in anticipation for the next season, I also want to point out some practical lessons we can pick up from this. For those who want to win, read on!

“I’m working on all the angles on my jump shot,” Wall said. “My jump shot is the key thing. Guys go on the pick and roll and will force me to knock down shots. I want to be one of those point guards who knock down shots you have to get over the top. I want to make it easier on my teammates. I’m not going to take bad shots but take shots that are open for me. I feel like I can be a great defensive player when I put my mind to it for the whole game, not just half the game.”

There are 2 key lessons from this statement:

  • Specialize in something

Leverage your specialized knowledge to get exactly what you want professionally, personally and more.  John Wall demonstrates this when he first identified his talent as a basketball player, and then worked to develop his skills and perfect his jump shot!  What paid off for me is understanding my field, having a definite plan that is conducive to growth in my field, and being motivated to succeed.
Take a step back and ask yourself what specialized knowledge you have and what specialized knowledge you need to acquire to achieve your goals. How can you acquire that specialized knowledge?  Through schooling or maybe through an associate you know?  If it is a character or leadership trait you need, then surround yourself with people who have these traits.

  • Accept Personal Responsibility

In business and in life, leadership will require the attitude of personal responsibility.  John Wall’s emphasis on team work exemplifies his understanding of this concept. We can actually break down the word TEAM to say that “Together Everyone Achieves More.” In other words, develop accountability to bring you to that next level. However, realize that personal responsibility must come first before you can have accountability between yourself and others. John Wall declared he is going to be a team player.

How? Through conscious decision making and personal commitment to win, even when the going gets tough.
To wrap up, Kentucky coach John Calipari said:

“From what I saw in Wall’s leadership ability, which is the most important thing he had to develop, the ability to make plays when there were no plays, the speed and quickness that will move from college to pro. … The hardest position to fill in the NBA is point guard. There’s a handful of guys — Rose, Rondo, Billups, Williams, Paul — everybody’s looking for that guy. They’re going to see the next one who has that type of ability is John.”


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