Sweet Success of Hershey


When someone mentions Hershey most people think chocolate or candy; a story of perseverance is not usually correlated with the largest confection company in the U.S.

milton_hershey_with_boy_intuitive_group_matt_silenoIn 1857 Milton S. Hershey was born in a small town in rural Pennsylvania.  With education not exactly the finest in those days, Hershey dropped out of school after the 4th grade taking an apprenticeship with a local printer.  He was fired before taking another apprentice position with a candy maker in Lancaster, PA.

After 4 years of studying under the candy maker in Pennsylvania, Milton Hershey went on to start his own candy businesses.  The first was opened in Philadelphia, after 6 years of hard work the business failed.  Hershey then decided to travel to Denver for work with a confectioner who taught him how to make caramels with fresh milk.  With a new sense of confidence, Hershey set out for New York to open a second candy business.  Unfortunately this one failed as well.  Unfazed by his failures and driven by his desire for success, Milton Hersey returned home to open the Lancaster Caramel Company (his third attempt at business).  This one was a success!

Always looking ahead, Hershey saw a bigger opportunity in the chocolate business and sold Lancaster Caramel Company in 1900 for $1 million (roughly $25 million in today’s money).  Not long after the Hershey Company was a blossoming success, selling chocolate to the masses.  Prior to Milton opening the Hershey Company, chocolate was a delicacy and only enjoyed by the rich.  It took Hershey many years before perfecting his chocolate recipe and cooking process (it was a process the Swiss kept secret, leaving Hershey to have to learn by trial and error).  The rest, as they say, is history.

hershey_kiss_street_lamps_intuitive_group_matt_silenoToday the Hershey Company has revenues more than $6 billion, 80 different brand names, and 14,000 employees throughout the world.  It is safe to say that although each of Hershey’s failures had to be difficult to overcome, his persistence and drive paid off with success that is set to continuously grow year after year.

Failures can be difficult and un-motivating, leaving us to give up and settle for something more comfortable.  Milton Hershey is a fantastic example of why we should not give up on our dreams and continue working toward our goals each and every day; because eventually you will find success in ways greater than you may have initially thought.


Let Them Eat P.I.E.!

PIE Harvey Coleman Empowering Yourself Intuitive Group

Everyone who wants to be successful would prefer to get there much faster rather than later.  While everyone’s success timeline is different, The Intuitive Group would like to share some insight on how to get there a little quicker and more efficiently with P.I.E.!

  • P- Performance: For people to start viewing you as a leader/business owner/etc. you must first prove you can perform at the highest level:
    • Be the top performer
    • Take the lead
    • Complete tasks before requested
    • Go the extra mile
  • I-Image: Your image is your first impression to everyone, and most often how you are perceived by those around you.  Keep in mind the following and remember image is not just about how you look:
    • Be well dressed (think CEO)
    • Have a great attitude
    • Show consistency
    • Have a sense of professionalism (but don’t forget to have fun)
  • E-Exposure: There is truth behind the statement “it pays to know people”, especially in business.  Exposure, or networking, allows you to build relationships and strong partnerships that help you and your team grow.  Your exposure also gives you the chance to learn from others failures and successes. The best way to increase your exposure is to take advantage of every networking opportunity:
    • Conferences
    • Meetings
    • 1 on 1s
    • Business Trips

pie-a-la-mode-matt-sileno-intuitive-groupAs you can see, P.I.E. has the elements necessary to be successful.  Each aspect is vital for the others to work.  Without good performance and work ethic, your image can be negatively affected.  Likewise if you have a poor image your exposure can cause you more harm than good; however, if put to use each element properly you have the ability to grow faster than you might have ever thought.

If you have any questions/comments or would like to expand your exposure, Intuitive Group President/CEO Matt Sileno is always available via email at mattsileno@theintuitivegroup-dc.com.

Sources from Harvey Coleman’s book “Empowering Yourself”


Rejection. Scary or Just Harsh Reality?

intuitive group rejection sales entrepreneur

Matt Sileno takes the time to explain the benefits of rejection.

Rejection.  The art or process of rejecting, the state of being rejected, something that is rejected.  Ri-jek-shun. Rejection. Rejection. Rejection.

Now that it’s out there it does not seem so scary, right?

Well, It should not be!

You will face some form of rejection one way or another in your life. This unfortunately is the bitter reality, and is no stranger to those that are successful.

Particularly in business, dealing with rejection can be a daily norm. Clients shoot you down; customers will not like your product, some people will just say no just because they can.  All that negativity can really affect a person if they let it.  The secret- do not let it bother you.  Do not believe the negative they throw your way.  Do not let a couple hard no’s stop you from reaching your potential and your goals.  Know that you are no alone and there have been many millionaires and success stories that have come from a long history of rejection.  Case in point:

Stephen King’s first book Carrie was rejected 41 times (and thrown in the garbage once by himself) before it was published.  Today Stephen King has 159 successfully published books.

Thomas Edison failed 999 times trying to create the light bulb.  His response “each time it didn’t work I used to say I discovered a new way how NOT to invent the light bulb”.

The Beatles performed together as a band for 6 years and were rejected by 3 record labels, telling them “bands with guitars are on their way out” before they were signed.

Walt Disney was rejected 302 times, Colonel Sanders (KFC) was rejected 1009 times, and Stephen Spielberg was denied acceptance to the University of Southern California film school twice before deciding to attend Cal State and becoming the phenom he is today.

There are handfuls of stories like the ones above by the people we idolize. There is no reason a person cannot have the success they strive for.  The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is simple: it’s a mindset!  If you start letting rejection and negative thoughts into your head, success will seem unfathomable; but if you take the rejections and negativity and do away with it and believe in what you are doing and what you want in life nothing will stop you from succeeding! Simply put rejection should not make sense to you if you believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, work hard, and do all the right things you start opening the doors to your success day by day!


President/CEO Matt Sileno Believes in Working Hard and Playing Hard!

At The Intuitive Group top notch performance is always rewarded.  The organization is structured to where the individuals who are getting the job done and “WOW’ING” our clients have the opportunity to move up with in the company at a very rapid pace. Not only do they get rewarded with promotions, but they also get rewarded in other way like sitting behind the goalie at an NHL game, or sitting courtside at an NBA game just to name a few!   We here at IG believe in enjoying the path to success and celebrating the small victories as well as the big accomplishments!

Intuitive Group Reviews

Intuitive Group Review Glassdoor Matt Sileno

Check out what other employees are saying about us!

I have grown more, both personally and professionally, in 10 months at Intuitive Group than in the previous 12 years.

 Current Senior Corporate Trainer in Vienna, VA – Reviewed Jan 25, 2013 – New

Pros – I am able to utilize the skills I have learned in previous work experiences as well as in earning my Masters degree to help others achieve individual and team success. We have a lot of fun at work, and I enjoy spending time with my co-workers outside of the office. Most importantly, I am rewarded for my work and inspired to constantly achieve more.

Cons – I didn't enjoy learning about my weaknesses and working to improve them, and I work long hours right now so I don't have as much time with my family as I would prefer. At the same time, I understand this is the process that will get me where I want to be in the future.

Advice to Senior Management Matt Sileno is always open to ideas, and a higher level of follow through would be an encouragement to continue bringing new ideas to the table.

An Intuitive Way to Improve Your Job Search This Year

Improve Your Job Search This Year

Improve Your Job Search This Year

By Roberta Chinsky Matuson, Monster Contributing Writer

You’ve been searching for a new job for the past six months, but you can’t seem to find the right fit. With the new year, maybe it’s time to throw out your old approach and try something different. Get started with these strategies.

Set Realistic Expectations

Setting realistic career expectations is key to conducting a successful job search. If you are not seasoned in your field of choice, look for positions that will let you broaden your skills. You may not secure that management job this time, but you will be well-positioned for future opportunities.

Review Your Resume

Your resume may not be attracting the right attention, and it could be time to spiff it up a bit. Ask someone to critique your resume, and be open to their suggestions. You can also get advice from Monster’s resume section.

Reevaluate Your Approach

Looking for a job is a full-time job in itself. If you are dedicating a few hours a week to your job search, consider stepping up your efforts.

Reevaluate Your Situation

If you are employed and seeking greener pastures, reassess your situation. Now that you’ve had a chance to look around, you might decide things are not that bad where you are.

Take a Break

It may sound simple, but sometimes what you really need is to get away from the stress of job searching. If you can afford to, give yourself permission to take a week or two off. You will be surprised how your outlook can change.

Sometimes all it takes is a little adjustment for things to click. Be open to making some changes in your job search strategy, and before you know it, you will be the one dispensing job search advice.

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“Ryan and I had such a great time at the game on Saturday!  The atmosphere was intense and exciting!  Both teams fought hard and gave the fans a great show!” – Matt Sileno Company President

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